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Octex - Variations [2005]

Tuesday, March 25, 2008 by Creep

Octex - Variations

A quite different thing to what he's done on Idei Lahesna.
Quote from his official site:
Variations. The richness of life is based on Variations. Casts. Shades. In nature, no two leafs are exactly alike, no two snowflakes...
Through clever use of old and modern sound equipment combined with human imperfections, the same kind of Variation can be applied to music, where no two notes or beats sound exactly alike. This music breathes and pulsates the richness of Life.

Website: MySpace, Official, Preview album
Label: rx:tx
Country: Slovenia
Released: 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal Techno, Dub Techno, Tech House
Bitrate: 192 kbps
Size: 99,7 MB

1. Indrop (4:14)
2. Blent (6:26)
3. Fristy (4:39)
4. Sweech (5:27)
5. Elvolv (7:41)
6. Vertin (5:47)
7. Kleep (5:40)
8. Elocid Ub (4:41)
9. Vrial (7:32)
10. Rescatte (8:37)
11. Libahn Sserpres (13:29)

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