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Ochre - Death Of An Aura EP [2008]

Saturday, June 21, 2008 by Creep

Ochre - Death Of An Aura

I'm presenting a track that's totally got me by heart, it's beautiful, fabulous, dreamy... Reminds me a little of Jacaszek and Lady Aarp [yeah, celtic harps or zithers again].
The rest of the EP contains more of the classic IDM stuff, but I thought this one's worth picking out.

Website: Official, MySpace, Preview @ Juno
Label: Benbecula
Country: UK
Released: 09 Jun 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Experimental, IDM, Modern Classical

Bitrate: 320 kbit
Size: 63 MB

1. Circadies (4:24)
2. Whispers (5:28)
3. Napoli (5:36)
4. Raido (4:37)
5. Pteron (4:44)
6. Threnodie (2:55)

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Jordan said...

Beauty. 'Lemodie' is one of my all time fav albums in this genre, up there with BT's 'This Binary Universe'. Excited to get my hands on this next album