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Anders Ilar - Twilight Rainfalls [2009]

Thursday, January 8, 2009 by Creep

Anders Ilar - Twilight Rainfalls

This is a nice, free gift from Anders Ilar, for the new year ;)
And since this one doesn't have a cover, I'm using a pic of his own cat, Picasso, cos it's cool :P

Website: MySpace, Official
Label: Not On Label (Anders Ilar Self-released)
Country: Sweden
Released: Jan 2009
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal, Ambient

Bitrate: VBR V0
Size: 107 MB

1. Morning Dew
2. Playing With The Winds
3. Rain In All Familiar Places
4. Lowbeam
5. Magnetic Love Reversal
6. Althea
7. Ghostwaltz On The Third Floor
8. In Light We Trust
9. Crystal Alignment

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Charlos said...

I was excited for this album... I'm happy Anders is happy but maybe this new joy cut his production balls off.

Songs are too listless, go on for too long, and are repetitive. It feels over produced, perhaps trying to push a free album for the new year was too ambitious and not enough editing was put into this release.

It was free, so thanks man. However I was hoping for a mix of sworn and ludwijka.

*rain in all familiar places
*magnetic love reversal

Looking for something similar but better. Try Jesse Somfay's Between Heartbeats

(my passcode was tryte.(trite) how fitting)

Gottlob said...

Thanks Dude.

huggy said...

i downloaded this few days ago. i've been listening to it a lot. the third song rain in on familiar places puts a smile on my face everytime i listen to it. great one thanks.