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Lulu Rouge - Bless You [2008]

Friday, February 6, 2009 by Creep

Lulu Rouge - Bless You

Long time, no posting ;)
Ok, I strongly recommend this stuff, it's awesome and interesting at the same time. On the on hand you have great dubby tunes, on the other, they remind me a bit of Gus Gus. Really cool stuff. You can pre-listen the whole thing on Last.fm linked below.

Website: Official, MySpace, Last.fm
Label: Music For Dreams, Voices Music & Entertainment
Country: Denmark
Released: 14 May 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Dub Techno, Downtempo, Ambient

Bitrate: VBR
Size: 55,3 MB

1. Melankoli (4:49)
2. Lulu's Theme (7:33)
3. Bless You (5:12)
4. Ninna Ninna (5:51)
5. Thinking Of You (5:26)
6. Runaway Boy (5:03)
7. Sweeter Than Sweet (4:30)
8. Pitch Black (4:33)
9. End Of The Century (3:57)
10. Slow Pigeon (5:21)

Get it


Cy said...

Thanks! I was actually going to recommend you something, try Espers.

I don't have any working links here.. but you know where to get them :)

Creep said...

Thanks too! I'm suckin' the s/t album.