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Byetone - Death Of A Typographer [2008]

Sunday, July 6, 2008 by Creep

Byetone - Death Of A Typographer

Simply awesome!

Website: @ Boomkat, @ Smallfish
Label: Raster-Noton
Country: Germany
Released: 2008
Genre: Electronic
Style: Minimal, Minimal Techno

Bitrate: VBR
Size: 73,4 MB

1. Intro Bios (Intro) (0:51)
2. Plastic Star (Session) (7:17)
3. Straight (4:16)
4. Rocky (Soft) (6:04)
5. Black Is Black (2:47)
6. Capture This (Part I) (3:20)
7. Capture This (Part II) (4:43)
8. Grand Style (6:17)
9. Heart (7:45)

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Op. said...

You simply don't get better than this; sends you on such a trip and drips into multiple electronic genres. Next to Noto's Unitxt release, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite releases this year from the Raster Noton label. On another note, I am so grateful for your blog and once I get mine in somewhat of a focus I would enjoy to be 'affliates'.

Ryoji Ikeda's Test Pattern... have you heard it? What do you think of it??

Creep said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like it.

Well, I haven't heard of Ryoji Ikeda, need to check it, thanks.

And I guess you forgot to link your blog too ;)