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Chris Dooks presents: The International Day of Drones

Sunday, July 6, 2008 by Creep

This time we're presenting a drone mix made by a friend, Chris Dooks, he runs The Bovine Life Support System. It's very good, highly recommended. Better check it ASAP [and his other mixes as well]!

The International Day of Drones was an eight hour musical live mix of drone-based music in all it's forms - from all over the world, mixed with an environmental soundscape from www.dooks.org (Chris Dooks who has graced BBC Radio3, The South Bank Show, Benbecula records and bip-hop.com).

It took place at Glasgow University's Chapel, for 8 hours and the audience dipped in and out of the ambient music festival which was also streamed live where, if you click on this link you can also enjoy the live stream of whatever is going on in there now! - http://mcu.gla.ac.uk/chapel-live.html (mac users email me if you have trouble).

This show sees me not say much so you can enjoy a wonderfully long mix - 76 minutes culled from 8 hours!!!


Amreik - Eluvium
Mute Swan - Tape And Minamo
Jag Haver - Ingen Karare
Cellar Door - Michael Andrews
Himininn Er A Hrynja, En Stjornurnar Fara Per Vel - Olafur Arnalds
Saturday 29 (January) - Christopher Orczy
Circassian - Christian Fennesz
Augustus - Glenn Branca
Pathways (Verbunden) To Work - Klimek
Fjarskanistan - Amina
Altibzz - Autechre
In The Summer - Terry Riley
Archer - Greg Davis
Wondrous Horse - Cavallo Meraviglioso
Alku - Pan(A)Sonic


Listen to it here!