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Monday, December 15, 2008 by Creep

Another one from a guy who makes some great mixes ;) This time a little less drones, but way more pure ambient sounds. [Older mix can be found here]. So if you have difficulties with sleeping, this one's for you ;)
Below you can read about what Chris had to say about the tracklisting.... in an interesting form. And here's the proper tracklisting :)
[However watching/listening php video tutorials helps to fall asleep too! works for me anyway.]



We softly resurrect scratchy vinyl lushes via looped audio detritus. These ghosts, the Oxfam-remixed, Lazarus-like tunes of Glasgows's
Lucky Pierre (1) set the scene for rest-play. Then bounces in Wolfgang Voigt's GAS project (2) which is German umpah-lumpah marching music slowed down to custard pulses and you might think "eh, this is a bit lively for a relaxation record" but we are aware early that you need some soft beats to lull you into the master of ambient, but it's no place for aviophobics as we are into the legendary Music for Airports by Brian Eno (3) ... Up next, Michael Andrews' melancholic film score for a minute or two (4) from Me and You and Everyone We Know before Loscil's (5) ether-pulses start to bring your chitty-chatty-bang-bang-mind down a peg or two before we can enter that limboland between wake and sleep and now we realise that headphones maximize the effect here. Back to Deutschland Super-Sleepies for Uli Teichmann's "Piano Tec" (6) track from a KOMPAKT.de compilation and we are officially now in ambient-proper. Next up is some chancer called Chris Dooks (7) for a short drone piece before we head over to Belgium to listen to the final five minutes from a twenty minute chloroform classic from Wim Mertens (8) which I recommend in its own right and full form flow. And would you believe the next track is Texan in origin? You would if you followed the career of Stars of The Lid (9). They are very deep listening man. I've been into them for years and they've been better than sleeping pills, but I can give you this also. What to choose between L.A. and Bradford? Why not have both with Labraford (10) and their best album, E Luxo So, which sounds like it's a sentence in deepest Yorkshire. But it's the rusting leaves of Virginia you can hear. Coming into sleepytime is Stone in Focus (11), a slightly softer and rarer track from Aphex Twin's Selected Ambient Works II. The last two tracks mean you can turn off the light. Pausal (12) is a highpoint on this compilation on the marvellous Hightpoint-Lowlife label. We end with Brian Mc Bride (13) back in Texas, where there's A Gathering To Lead Me When You're Gone. I am gone. I hope you get gone also.
Love Bovine Radio.


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