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Miranda July - No One Belongs Here More Than You [2007]

Monday, December 29, 2008 by Creep

Miranda July  - No One Belongs Here More Than You

Haha! This time something different :) I've been searching for this one for a while now, well, finally I found it and I'm sharing.
It's an audiobook, read by the autor herself, an awesome artist and director Miranda July. Since I'm in love with her film Me and You and Everyone We Know [and also posted a soundtrack here], I was hunting for this one ;)


Ok, let's cut the shite out. Here's a description.

From Publishers Weekly
It's a testament to July's artistry that the narrators of this arresting first collection elicit empathy rather than groans. "Making Love in 2003," for example, follows a young woman's dubious trajectory from being the passive, discarded object of her writing professor's attentions to seducing a 14-year-old boy in the special-needs class she teaches, while another young woman enters the sex industry when her girlfriend abandons her, with a surprising effect on the relationship. July's characters over these 16 stories get into similarly extreme situations in their quests to be loved and accepted, and often resort to their fantasy lives when the real world disappoints (which is often): the self-effacing narrator of "The Shared Patio" concocts a touching romance around her epilectic Korean neighbor; the aging single man of "The Sister" weaves an elaborate fantasy around his factory colleague Victor's teenage sister (who doesn't exist) to seduce someone else. July's single emotional register is familiar from her film Me and You and Everyone We Know, but it's a capacious one: wry, wistful, vulnerable, tough and tender, it fully accommodates moments of bleak human reversals. These stories are as immediate and distressing as confessionals. (May)
Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

And a little promo video at amazon.com.

Type: Audiobook
Bitrate: 128 kbit [I know, I know]
Size: 270 MB

Get it



Carlos said...

I hate you! ive been looking for this for along time, i think this is the best post ever.

thank you!
and cheers!


Creep said...

Haha, why hate? :o

Cy said...

I like ur blogspot, Carlos. kudoz!

Ramiro said...

kudoz? quien es Carlos? un zombie?

Cy said...

jealousy? :))

gareth said...

i was wondering if there was any chance of re-uploading this one?
thanks either way!

C said...

Please a Re up load u_u Im in Mexico and is impossible to get Miranda July material (except for her first movie) and no one has posted and share her audiobook except this blog. Please re-upload u_u

Mr. Man said...

Re-up please!