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Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden [2003]

Saturday, May 3, 2008 by Creep

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Hydroponic Garden

This is actually my favourite track. I think. For now ;) Well, I'm presenting it then. The whole album [actually all 3 of them] have this sort of sound I describe as organic. They also bring the images of space travel to my mind. Better check yourselves and feel free to share your impressions ;)

Website: Official, MySpace
Label: Ultimae Records
Country: France
Released: 25 Jun 2003
Genre: Electronic
Style: Acid, Ambient

Bitrate: 192kbit
Size: 104,91 MB

1. Central Plains (8:07)
2. Tensor (5:43)
3. MOS 6581 (Album Version) (7:10)
4. Silent Running (7:04)
5. Neurotransmitter (7:27)
6. Hydroponic Garden (9:12)
7. Exosphere (5:05)
8. Comsat (7:07)
9. Epicentre (First Movement) (5:57)
10. Artificial Island (5:11)
11. Refraction 1.33 (7:47)

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