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Winnie The Shit - Hand Driven Episode [2005]

Sunday, May 25, 2008 by Creep

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Our old buddy Matty Kraps was kind enough to make a detour from his regularly scheduled programming to lend us an ear to a new take on electronics, under his Winnie The Shit moniker. This album is packed to the brim with 303 lines, hardcore riddims, and some of the heaviest bowel-jarring sub bass known to man. Everything here is overflowing with energy, abrasiveness, bordering on hardcore techno but still keeping it's foot firmly planted in good old, fun dance music. Bordering on chaotic with a live improvised feel, these tracks will leave your head spinning as you melt into your chair. And if you don't agree that 'Sorry I Shook You' is the most epic song you've ever heard, then surely you don't have a soul.

Website: archive.org [+previews]
Label: Kikapu Net.Label
Country: Canada
Released: 2005
Genre: Electronic
Style: Hardcore, IDM, Acid, Drill'n'Bass

1. Cheese With Every Meal (4:16)
2. Cascadia Hardcore General (4:25)
3. Sorry I Shook You (5:22)
4. Sended (3:46)
5. Control (4:26)
6. Dumb Is Forever (5:29)
7. Vee Mega Mega (6:16)
8. Sunrise (2:44)

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