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Winnie The Shit - Easy [2007]

Sunday, May 25, 2008 by Creep

Winnie The Shit - Easy

Today marks the return of the one and only Winnie The Shit! And he's dropping a full-length album no less! His new album is entitled 'Easy' and is a bit of a more subdued affair than his previous release with us. This new one is at times more mellow, with a heavy focus on dubstep and techno, all while keeping it's eyes squared fixedly on insanely wonderful breakbeats. This will undoubtedly rank up there with one of our best releases ever, and makes a perfect companion to Winnie's first EP, 'Hand Driven Episode.'

Website: archive.org [+previews]
Label: Kikapu Net.Label
Country: Canada
Released: 10 Apr 2007
Genre: Electronic
Style: Breakbeat, Techno, IDM

Bitrate: 256kbit

1. Meet Nice People (7:13)
2. Forever In Spaceage Polyester (4:43)
3. Luvgun (3:53)
4. Edit Philosophy (3:05)
5. Far Outside (4:25)
6. Drip (4:07)
7. Where Are The Brights (4:42)
8. Sink In (3:42)
9. Mono113 (1:14)
10. What I Got (3:42)

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